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Share vs. Forex Trading?

Let’s face it, retail trading isn’t as easy as the internet makes it seem. Statistics show that only 10% of retail traders are profitable. Trading requires a high level of discipline, dedication, and technique that makes it almost humanly impossible to achieve success.


Whether you’re trading stocks, indices, metals, or the forex market, you need some sort of edge that will separate you from the 90% of unprofitable traders. Without an edge in the market, you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle of continued loss that will eventually cause you to quit. is a proprietary trend detection software that gives you all the edge you need to build a successful trading career. Whether it’s stock, forex, or any other asset, accurately detects trend changes and predicts the exact price of entry that guarantees minimal to zero drawdown.


The software was developed over 8 years ago. It has since then provided profitable stock and forex trading signals that have helped beginner and professional traders become consistently profitable in the market.

Whether you’re unsure of how to start trading forex, drowning in the pool of losing streaks, or a professional trader looking to increase your profitability, is the best trading software that can provide all the solutions you need.

The Best Trading Signal: How To Start Forex And Stock Trading With provides traders with an unending list of edges in the market. From trading with the trend to zero drawdown and low-risk to high-reward trades, trading the forex and stock markets becomes so easy with


The trading software is a two-tier system that ensures you never miss an opportunity in the market again. The software does the trend detection, while the FSB signal, a proprietary indicator on Tradingview, provides the entry signal for the trades. The root cause of most traders’ losses in the market is their failure to identify trend direction.


The ForexScalper software eliminates this problem as it marks out every higher high and higher low price makes in an uptrend and every lower low and lower high in a downtrend.


Even when you have zero trading knowledge, will help you identify market structure, and the FSB signal will tell you exactly when to take trades. This two-tier system allows you to identify not just the overall market direction but the exact price at which to take buy and sell trades. This system is designed to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Undoubtedly, making money in trading has never been this automated and easy.


The first point of action when about to trade is to check to confirm if there is no high-impact news on the asset you’re about to trade. You can then proceed to TradingView to trade the FSB signals. The FSB signal uses the breakout entry method. This kind of entry is mostly associated with impulsive price moves in the market. So you never have to worry about being caught in a price range or waiting for hours for your trade to hit take-profit.


When trading the FSB signal, the stop loss will be placed under the breakout candle. This allows you to use small range stop losses as price often moves directly into profit. The FSB signal also favors low-risk, high-reward trades. So you can rest assured that you’ll always make more money when trading with the trading software.

You Need A Game Plan

You’ve attended numerous trading seminars claiming to teach the best forex trading strategies. You’ve taken countless online courses and paid for forex signals. Yet nothing seems to be working. Year after year, you keep losing money in the markets, hoping you’ll crack the code one day.


You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. You need a change of plan. It’s time you stop learning and start acting. Your trading success is your responsibility, and you have to do everything it takes to make it work.


The best thing about is that you’re not trying out a new trading system. Whether it works or not is not in question. is the best trading software in the industry, and it’s trusted by thousands of traders around the world.


Over 10 thousand traders in our community depend on to trade profitably every week. If you’re ready to take your trading to the next level and become the successful trader you’ve always dreamed of being, can provide the profitable trading signals you need.

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