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When you focus on what matters, trading becomes easy. is designed to help you build a profitable trading system,
declutter your chart, and stay consistent in your trading journey.


Trading Signals Software
Trading Signals Software
Trading Signals Software
Trading Signals Software


The core team at are professional traders who are committed to helping struggling traders thrive. We understand staying consistently profitable in trading is a daunting challenge only a few succeed at. This is why we’ve gone the extra mile to create a one-fit-all trading software traders can rely on for their day-to-day trading.


We believe every trader deserves financial freedom. Our goal is to get the ForexScalper software in the hands of as many struggling traders as we can. We strive to help beginner traders understand the market and create a clear trading system that lays the foundation for their success. Our vision is to build a large community of millionaire traders from all across the world.


90% Accurate Signals

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro trader, long-losing streaks will dampen your psychology and make you lose faith in your strategy. With up to 90% accurate signals on numerous financial instruments, including metals, indices, crypto, and currency pairs, you can always rely on to make your trading great again.

Reliable Community

Let’s face it. Trading can be a very lonely and boring career, but who says it has to be so? Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you is a surefire way to get to your destination. ForexScalper.i offers a community of over 10 thousand active traders who are ready to support and motivate you every day.

Top-Tier Education

While our proprietary software will do the bulk of the job, we don’t just stop there. We ensure you get the right knowledge that will help you thrive as a trader. We provide quality education for our community through our discord channel, social media pages, and daily market analysis. So you can learn while you earn.

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Join 10 thousand traders and investors taking the future into their own hands.


Easy To Use

I’m sure words like software, trading bot, and AI brings the thoughts of the techies you see in movies to mind. Far from it. From the user interface to getting all the information you need from the software, using the ForexScalper platform is as simple as A, B, and C.

Once you login into your members portal, all you need to do is identify trend direction, take signals, and make money.

No Trading Experience Needed

Are you wondering how to trade the forex or stock market with no experience whatsoever? Don’t break a sweat. You’re in luck. makes trading so easy that you need zero trading knowledge to start making money in the forex or stock market. If you can operate your mobile phone, you can make money with It’s that simple.

Trade On The Go

The can be used anywhere, to trade any asset at any time. Both the software and FSB signal can be accessed on the go. This means whether you’re on vacation, spending time with your loved ones, or even in school, you can always make money on the go. software is compatible with all devices.

10,000+ trading symbols supported, top-tier data feeds

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AI-powered trend detection signals that defy what was once thought impossible

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The Problem

Have you ever wondered why many traders fail? Society has made us believe that the harder we work, the more money we make. While this may be true for conventional occupations, the opposite holds true for trading.

Many traders approach the market with zero game plan, no trading system, and no discipline at all. With this kind of mindset, the odds are stacked against you. If you don’t have a proven edge in the market, coupled with a trading system you follow religiously, no amount of indicators and lines you have on your screen will make you profitable.


The Solution isn’t just a trading software. It is designed to give you the best edge in the market. So you get to trade with the trend and not against it. Our software also helps you develop a trading system that is easy to follow. The software and the FSB signal continuously generate trade signals based on the same criteria time after time.

This consistent and repetitive action creates uniformity in your trading and forms the bedrock of your personal trading system. This way, you’ll easily avoid common trading mistakes like over-trading, over-leveraging, greed, and impatience. The truth is, if you’re serious about taking your trading to the next level, is the only tool you’ll ever need.



Being a profitable trader is arguably one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing quite well that you’re among the top 10% of traders in the world. This dream is not a wild goose chase. You’ve witnessed people do it time after time. You’ve watched numerous come-up stories on the internet. It’s your turn now. It’s time to level up, and it all starts with


Simple System. Powerful Result.

Trading is fast-paced, and you must receive accurate real-time data to make a profit. At, we understand this exceptionally well. This is why we put extra work into building a software that doesn’t lag. So you can get uninterrupted access to the real-time data you need to become a successful trader.
One peculiar benefit of being part of the ForexScalper community is the quality of education. You’ll be educated on general trading knowledge and how to utilize the software to get the best results seamlessly.



No matter your style of trading (scalping, day trading, or swing trading) or the financial instrument you trade (currency pairs, metals, indices, or exotics), is primed to deliver up to 90% accurate results across all market types.
You can trade at any time from anywhere, as all FSB signals are sent in real-time. So anywhere you are in the world, you can be sure to never miss a trade again.


After understanding the basic terminologies and indicators on the software, identifying signals and taking trades becomes as easy as flipping a switch. The ForexScalper software works by detecting changes in trend, which you can capitalize on to make huge profits.
Whenever the software shows the red color or PFH, this signifies a bearish bias in the medium to long-term trend of the trading asset.



When the software shows the green color or PFL, this signifies a bullish bias for a medium to long-term trend in the trading asset.


FSB BREAKOUTS utilizes a proprietary intelligent pattern recognition algorithm to detect specific price breakouts, which we call ForexScalper Breakouts, or “FSB.” Just wait for the candle to close beyond the FSB line and take the trade.


UNDERSTAND THE SIGNALS. utilizes a proprietary intelligent pattern recognition algorithm to detect specific support and resistance zones that give the trader an instant alert to watch the charts and make a decision as the price has reached a crucial area of a potential reversal.

Understand the signals. FSB Reversals. utilizes a proprietary intelligent pattern-recognition algorithm to detect specific support & resistance zones that give the trader an instant alert to watch the charts and make a decision as the price has reached a crucial area of a potential reversal.

What you get

Instant Access to ForexScalper trading software web app

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Discord group Access with all members

Instant ForexScalper Masterclass Course access

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Pay for your first month fee, with your first month’s gains*


We protect you from harmful trading styles


Our Trading Pros are available to you 24/7

Trading Software

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How OUR traders Feel about the complete TRADING system

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How OUR traders Feel about the complete TRADING system

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Join the next generation of traders making profits with our complete trading system

Create a TradingView account to use our FSB Signals Indicator!

Our FSB Signals algorithm works exclusively on TradingView charts only. You will need to have a TradingView account and once you become a paid subscriber of, your TradingView username will be approved and you will be granted access. On the app, you will be able to access our daily swing trading algorithm powered by PFL (Buy) and PFH (Sell) signals. You get 2 trading algorithms in one subscription.