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Owner & CEO of the FSB System

Certified Holistic Life, Sales & Marketing Coach. I am your new trusted Igniter! Started out selling and produce content creation to local business owners. Building Automated Online Marketing System for Authors, Doctors, Experts & Influencers, doing 1 on 1 & Group Holistic Life & Business Coaching. Innovating Peoples Life, Business & Relationships in less than 30 days.

Founded The Infinite R.E.P.S. Method & The Igniters Movement, Produce Healthy Lifestyle Online University & Passion 2 Profits, A Proud Leader of a Husky Pack, I’ve also built numerous online businesses for charity, All while being outcasted, surviving going homeless, managing to overcome near-deaths experiences and overcame numerous business setbacks to create. When you want to master life & business, don’t mess around with anyone but the best at creating abundance in your life. I have everything you need to help you ignite your trades, surgescalper through challenges, discover your life purpose & integrate it in your business so that you can set it and forget it through automation.

If I offered to help you break free from illusions, eliminate fears, and start surging a life full of joy, purpose, and legacy, would you take me up on this offer? Want to achieve your goals and dreams without the major obstacles, or limitations that are holding you back? Join The & The Igniters Movement now and start taking ownership in just 30 days!

Forex Scalper

Founder of The FSB System was built with the vision of helping others to reach their fullest potential while trading the financial markets.

Over the past 8 years, Nick Nechanicky has become one of the market leaders in the forex industry. With a student base worldwide, is one of the most diverse and impactful trading platforms around.

Since Nick Nechanicky started his trading career 8 years ago, he’s seen it all. 

He saved up money from working at LA Fitness and borrowed a couple of thousand dollars from his aunt to kick start his trading journey and, after a few bumps along the road, quickly turned $3,000 into $106,000 in just 8 months. This is when you have financial leverage, and doors begin to open up. Launched a trading platform that amassed over 25,000 users, founded a multi-asset brokerage firm catering to high net-worth individuals and institutional players such as hedge funds and corporations participating in the FX markets, traveled around the world privately mentoring professional traders on trading psychology and risk management strategies.

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With over 8+ years of experience in the markets, we can confidently say we know what it takes but also the mistakes and traps every trader needs to avoid on their trading journey to become profitable.

We can save you years of struggles and losing money in the markets. We realized that by creating an automated process that’s simple and easy for traders to follow, a rule-based system that’s actually profitable and backed by a 10-year backtest, removing the emotions and greed trading brings, you can trust us to show you the way once and for all. See you on the inside!

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