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Forex Scalper Software: How To Become A Millionaire Trader With This 85% Accurate Trend-Trading Strategy

May 7 / United States


Forex scalper is a two-tier proprietary trading software that leverages the power of trend trading to deliver over 85% accurate trading signals. This trend-based trading signal has helped build the careers of hundreds of traders around the globe.


It is general knowledge in trading that there is no such thing as the holy grail. Nonetheless, if there were ever to be one, it has to be Forex Scalper software’s trend-trading strategy. I’m sure you want to know why. If you’re patient enough and keep reading, you’ll find there’s a method to the madness.


When the price is moving in an uptrend, it forms consecutive higher highs and higher lows. Similarly, when the price is moving in a downtrend, it forms lower highs and lower lows. A trend, in essence, is the overall direction of the market.

Image 1: Direction of an uptrend and downtrend

So when the market direction is bullish, taking short trades is like swimming against the river current. Swimming this way will cause you to expend so much energy, and you most likely won’t go far. Same as in trading. There’s always a higher probability of success when you trade in accordance with the trend direction as compared to trading against it.


In addition, central banks, financial institutions, and hedge funds have their fundamental trading strategies built around trend trading. So when next you find yourself trading against the trend, just know you’re betting against these unbeatable financial entities.

Level Up Your Trading Career. Increase Your Profitability

Undoubtedly, trading is one of the careers with the highest barrier to entry. This is why there is a 90% record of failure and more than 70% of new traders quit in the first year. This goes to show how daunting becoming a successful trader is.


On the brighter side, with the right help from a proven mentor and trading tools like Forex scalper software, you’ll moonwalk through landmines of losses and achieve consistency in no time. This is why you can never be cheap when it comes to your trading success. Investing in your craft will always give you the best return over time.

How The Software Works

The forex scalper software is a two-tier system that works in tandem to provide insight on the prevailing market structure and give the most accurate trading signals. This way, the Forex Scalper software always trades in the direction of the trend and not against it. So you never have to worry about breaking your trading rules by trading against the trend when using forex scalper software.

The First Tier

At markets open every day, based on the prevailing market structure, the forex scalpersoftware indicates the market direction for the day. This means that the price will continue to trade in the indicated direction for the rest of the day.


Since you have the best odds of winning a trade when you trade with the trend direction, Forex Scalper makes it easy for you as a trader to focus your attention in the right direction—the direction of the trend.

Image 2: Forex Scalper software indicating a bearish daily bias
To top it all off, the second-tier of the forex scalper software, the FSB signal indicator, works based on the established trend direction to give over 85% accurate signals.

The First Tier

The second tier of the forex scalper software is the proprietary FSB signal indicator, which can be found and used on Tradingview. The FSB signal indicator works to provide entry signals at every market pullback based on the time frame you’re trading on.


You can picture it this way: the forex scalper software is the cake, and the FSB signal indicator is the icing and cherry on top. In essence, the FSB signal indicator builds on the work of the forex scalper software to give accurate trading signals.


After the day’s trend has been determined by the forex scalper software, the FSB signal indicator on TradingView gives entry signals at suitable points on almost every price pullback. This is highly dependent on the time frame and trading style you adopt. For example, scalpers prefer to use the 1–5 minute time frame, while day and swing traders prefer the 30-minute to 4-hour time frame.

Image 3: Trading signal on the Forex Scalper trend detection software

The FSB signal indicator provides signals with tight stop-loss and large take-profit targets. This gives you good leverage when risking little money to make a large profit. So it doesn’t matter if you have millions or a few hundred dollars in your trading account, the Forex Scalper software is designed to suit your trading capacity.

Forex Scalper vs. Manual Trading: You’ll never trade manually again!

Just like manual vehicles, while some still refer to them as vintage, they are quickly becoming a relic of the past. Manual trading comes with a lot of trivial errors and psychological burdens such as greed, fear, impatience, etc. This is why most financial organizations and top traders in the industry are moving towards artificial intelligence to make up for human lapses.

Forex Scalper software is the closest you’ll get to perfection when it comes to trading. As a budding trader, you could literally build your trading system around the software, as it helps you determine the prevailing trend, outlines market structure, and gives you perfect trade entries.


This way, you never have to worry about trading against the trend, overtrading, or even missing a trade. Forex scalper software is the aha moment in your trading journey. Don’t miss it!

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